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What is Green Hosting?
Let us first understand the concept of Green Hosting; this is the same procedure of hosting your website on a server. However in this there are certain protocols of eco friendly norms followed by the companies. Here the task of internet hosting is carried with the aid of ecologically friendly and conducive technologies that would be less or not at all harmful for the environment. There are equipments and setups used that will ensure a lesser crisis on the environment of the Earth.

A popular method by which this can be ensured is carbon offsetting. This is a procedure as a result of which there is a significant reduction of the carbon dioxide emissions from server operations; there is creation of greenhouse gases that help to make up for the carbon dioxide created in another location. This is done to compensate for the harmful damage that is caused to the Earth’s environment as a result of the heat and gases emitted. Companies are increasingly becoming aware of their responsibilities and commitment to maintain ecological harmony and reduction of harmful emissions. Therefore efforts like planting of trees and grass is also undertaken in and around data center locations. These companies are also active sponsors of such campaigns whereby they attempt to raise the awareness level of people. They advocate for the uses of energy saving equipments and appliances along with active participation for energy conservation within their own commercial establishments as well. The movement for green marketing and its awareness has already been brought about with popular support and enthusiasm among companies and their clients alike; it is spreading with fervour and is expected to bring positive results.

The internet is one of the potent forces and medium of communication in the 21st century. Statistical reports indicate a higher rate and number of users every year. In a country like the US there is a consistent growth that takes the graph higher up each year; the country had a huge electric consumption used in the operation of the servers and a cost of its maintenance led to an expenditure of almost $2.7 billion USD. On a worldwide basis there is a growth of internet users from 400% to 1000% within a year; the cost of international operations could be summed to a total of $7.2 billion USD. There is a study and estimation that the industry of web hosting companies will be a severe polluting factor within the Earth’s environment by the year 2020 if the current pace of growth and usage continues. It is estimated to be more than the airline industry pollution and emissions at present.

As a result of this growing concern there is an alternative developed with eco friendly measures and equipments of usage. There is a constant research and development carried out that will enable technology to be safer and more reliable for the environment. Not only are the companies bringing forth the use of newer technologies they are also actively participating in the cause of green hosting. There are companies like Hostgator that have made conscious attempts to initiate eco friendly user technologies along with lesser emission of harmful gases. They have started the use of hi-tech equipments and setups that will create less harmful gases and heat in the environment. Also important is a active participation in the spread of green and planting of trees for an ecological balance.

Importance of Green Hosting
Over the years of industrial and technological growth and development there has been a consistent strain created on the environment of the planet. What has caused alarm the world over is the gradually increasing global warming which is a direct result of the increased heat. The pollution caused out of the excess creation of harmful gases and heats from factories, industries and other uses of technology has caused irreplaceable damages to the Earth’s atmospheric layers. These holes in the atmosphere have developed inlets for harmful ultraviolet rays of the Sun. As a result of all the factors together there is a gradual global warming that has also led to melting of icebergs and the polar caps causing the water level of the world to rise. If this situation is not brought to a quick control and prevention there will be severe damage caused to the human civilization with the worst fears anticipated by all. Land may be submerged under water level causing an end to the entire human life on the planet.

Governmental attention and intervention is no longer enough to handle a worldwide crisis of this magnitude. There is a need for more concerted efforts at all levels of consumers and corporate companies that form a cycle within the network of industrialization and commercial activities of the world. Though consumers and buyers of products and services are increasingly becoming aware of the situation there are large scale efforts needed from companies and multinational corporations too. Their work culture and production levels have to be controlled to check the creation of polluting gases and other chemicals and released into the atmosphere. Equipments and setup tools are developed to be technologically superior. There is lesser heat emission out of these along with gases like carbon dioxide which is basically harmful for humans and the environment alike. The only easy way to control this is by planting of trees in cities and surrounding regions of industrial areas. Likewise the forest reserves and greenery of the world need to undergo conservation as well.

Of late the rate of internet usage has increased manifold times. There have been an equally large number of websites that have been designed and created to be uploaded for access by an international audience of internet users. More and more companies starting from cheaper labels to expensive and exclusive designer labels are creating websites through which they are retailing in the same way as from their stores. This brings them closer to an international client base that is geographically unrestricted; it promises higher sales figures and a greater reach of a brand among its potential buyers. At the same time this increase in the number of websites will also put a strain on the capacity of servers that host them. Thus there is an equal rise in the number of web hosting companies internationally and a similar increase in the setup structure of each company. No longer are these companies small and operating with limited infrastructure. To meet the increased demands in their business they too have broadened their infrastructural setup with more number of servers and related equipments for their smooth operations. These companies singularly manage several thousands of websites and thus their operations will require similar rations of energy consumptions and equipments. Many of these companies have international operations that are aided by the presence of multiple data centers in different countries or cities of the world. Here they have created a niche in the regional market with expert services and solutions for thousands of website owners and other potential clients within and outside the United States. Environmentally speaking this is also indicative of a greater network of the creation of heat and sources of damage to the atmosphere; there is a need for growing awareness and development of foolproof plans and means by which the situation is brought under regular checks. Companies are gradually becoming more involved in their social responsibilities and commit to do their bit towards the conservation of natural environments; there are campaigns for more greenery and planting of trees carried out by which carbon dioxide and other harmful gases or even heat emission if neutralized in their effects.

Advantages of Green Hosting
There are a few global advantages that come with green hosting procedures; and these will be of special significance when there is a global follow up of such measures by all companies in a concerted effort. However the real advantages of this will come for the companies when they make a serious effort to undertake such means of conservation. With this the web hosting companies will enjoy an unlimited resource to provide services to their clients. That too at an extremely affordable price. In an age of competition there is a need for cost-effective prices and costs. This will ensure a long term relationship with your clients. The less expensive price tag will come when you can design low cost websites that will be completed with all aspects of a commercial website to be hosted. With methods of green hosting there will be less effect of the pollution and emission factors that are created. It is needless to mention here that most of the green hosting plans and website designs are usually popular with clients owing to a consistent low price and recurring expenses. You will find a considerable number of web hosting companies that are engaged in green hosting techniques. Green hosting with Hostgator is one such viable option that you may consider which will ensure a high standard of services along with conservatory measures for global benefits. Generally an advantageous green hosting plan will offer you the same set of services and facilities available with normal web hosting. It will be able to fulfill all the necessary requirements of features and functions needed for your website operations and management. There will be plenty of add-on features that will fulfill requirements of the website visitors; thus web hosting companies should also be able to provide easy to avail user-friendly plans for website hosting on an unlimited basis of usage. The eco friendly measures with the creation of environment friendly gases that will counter the effects of carbon dioxide will place your company one among the pioneers of green hosting companies out of those engaged in web host services.

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About Hostgator Web Hosting Services
As a service provider of web hosting, Hostgator has been long known as a pioneer in green hosting and spreading the awareness message; the emphasis of the official policy with this brand has always been hosting as per the norms of eco-friendly measures. They have initiated several policies and steps that has been accepted in the industry and amongst their clients alike with enthusiasm and accolades. The company undertaking of studies and research have revealed significant facts like the incredible consumption of 3% to 4% of electricity for the operations of data centers across the world. This is an alarming figure if you consider the emission of carbon and heat as a result of the same. Despite the alarming nature of this information there is no means of reducing this consumption owing to the increasing demand on the internet and websites the world over. It is at the same time estimated that the operations of a single server can be summed to that of a 15mpg SUV - a considerable level of damage to the atmospheric levels. There are zones of the planet that has been experiencing climatic changes and a shift of balance from the natural factors that were present. Thus the choice is now on the people and industries – there is a need for bigger changes like the reduction of emissions and pollution into the atmosphere or else be ready to face natural consequences. The nature of the problem is such as is rightly stated by Hostgator that there is a concerted effort needed at all levels and not rely on governmental measures alone to do any sudden magic. As part of their initiative for your green hosting with Hostgator the company has become a part of the brigade of companies like Starbucks and IBM that are making sincere and goal oriented effort to ensure climatic balance.

Green hosting with Host Gator is a program developed with well-etched goals of making changes in the world of web hosting. There is a definite plan of action that has been undertaken here at this company for the re-establishment of natural and ecological balance in the world. The company has made a definite start in keeping with its commitment and responsibility towards its clients as well as society and people in general. Their plans and programs for green hosting are ready to fulfill all your commercial and website management and operation requirements. However at the same time there are plenty of ways these services will also bring about natural balance and environmentally friendly data centers. Among these measures the foremost procedure is the use of renewable sources of energy. This is used not only to act as a coolant for servers when they are heated up but even when power is needed to operate them and keep them running. There is a comprehensive use of eco-friendly power supply and no changes are made for different requirements of the servers. The nature of working of servers emits a lot of heat. Thus there is an equal requirement of power resources to cool it as much is required to keep it working. This indicates that if Hostgator is only using renewable sources of energy then its expending equal energy for cooling servers as in their operations. Contrary to this there are several green hosting companies that are only using this form of energy in operations of the servers. Another important fact about green hosting with Hostgator is the company’s commitment for Green-e certified renewable energy credits. Thus all RECs of the company are under supervision and verification. Though the company could have adhered to more cost-effective means of carbon credits that are available it was a conscious policy of the company to maintain standards.

If you are still wondering about the REC here is a brief outline. The full form of REC is Renewable Energy Credits. These are like points that you can buy. Each time you buy you are actually facilitating the production and creation of renewable energy that is otherwise very expensive. Each credit will stand for 1 megawatt of renewable power generation. Thus a purchase of 4009 such credits it is in turn facilitating an entire windfarm and its operations to produce renewable power resources. This is done on behalf of the company that is paying for a better and safer means of power generation. Here what you read states one fact clearly; Hostgator is single-mindedly focused on its aim to pursue global conservation. The windfarm that is creating the power resources is not owned by this company in any form or share; but at the same time because of the purchase of the REC by Hostgator the windfarm will be able to produce 1 megawatt of power and place the same on the grid of Texas. This also means that Hostgator is already taking initiative for the production of power that it will use from the grid. An important fact that needs to be mentioned for the company is its purchase of 130% of electricity production through RECs. This power resources is in turn used in the operations and cooling off process of its servers. In the state of Texas, USA the company has already invested largely in the wind generated power RECs. There are reasons that the company is taking this initiative in its place of location than procuring the power cheaply from other places; though this entails a higher rate of payment for the company it believes in regional developmental initiatives by company than simply focusing on their profit quotients and procurement of supplies from other places.

The calculation of the total power consumption of Hostgator has been done with an estimate of electricity consumption by the shared and reseller servers of the company. Upon calculating the total number of servers and their average consumption of electricity in a year – both for operations and cooling; the result of this came to be 4009 megawatts of the same. Also important were the carbon offsetting procedure of the company. There are offset providers like RREC, Certified Emission Reductions or the Verified Emission Reductions among other providers. The choice of opting for REC came after much deliberation on the matter and 3Degrees was finalized to be service provider for this. It may be noted here that there isn’t much difference between providers like RECs, CERs and VERs. The main consideration that led to the company’s decision was 1 megawatt of windpower in the USA by REC; compared to this there was 1 metric reduction of carbon dioxide emission by CER and VER. This is also complemented by the fact that RECs are only engaged in the production or creation of renewable energy rather than procedures like fuel changes and forestry to industrial process changing prevalent among CERs and VERs. Green hosting with Hostgator found its perfect compatibility with RECs that went to the roots of greenery with its power resources generation. It is also a unique opportunity for the company to participate in the movement for eco-friendly measures and creation of cleaner and safer power resources. The company is an active partner in assuring the production of non-pollution power sources. Another important and far more significant fact about the company’s insistence of ecological and environmental conservation is its consciousness for power saving; prior to the purchases of RECs the company was already making consistent efforts to initiate measures that would reduce environmental repercussions. Among these there were efforts made at recycling and the reduction of paper usage within the organization. Servers used were also made energy efficient for better performance and low consumption of power.

As a client of green hosting with Hostgator the company feels that you can do just as much for the environment as they are. For starters you can be a part of the organization and enjoy their web hosting services that ensures high productivity with a safer environment. There are several types of plans and packages for web hosting from shared servers to dedicated ones and even vps & resellers options. There is a perfect plan for all types of businesses and spheres of industry. The company also encourages its clients or even simply readers of their website columns and blogs to be aware of the consequences on nature and environment. They urge people to be responsible and do simple things like turning off the computer when they are not using it or even sleeping; there are many who prefer to leave this on the sleep mode. Using power supply at home more judiciously and switching to fluorescent lights at homes and offices wherever you can replace them. These are often left out of everyday consideration but can prove to be significant in the end. Green hosting with Hostgator assures you a 130% wind powered shared and reseller servers among other options. With their high standards of services you will have options of several kinds to choose from; these are packages and plans that will meet your standards and requirements of commercial purposes. At the same time the expenditures involved will be cost-effective and affordable. Hostgator is among the leading web hosts for green hosting.

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